Size and and flavour
We only provide standard cupcake, with 2 standard flavours - chocolate and vanilla.  Mixture of flavour is only available for order of more than 30 cupcakes.  

Minimum order
Minimum order for cupcakes is 20 pieces.  And, the next order quantity is it's multiplications.  We encourage ordering of such quantity due to the size of packaging that we are using.  However, contact us for any quantity and we will advise you.

2D and 3D design
2D design is cupcakes that cover with a thin fondant, and cut out objects around or on top.  3D is anything that is hand moulded (not cut-out).

We do not have a standard price list.  Pricing is determined on the design complexity and the cost of supplies.  Let us know the design and we will propose a quotation to you.  

As a guide, our cupcakes with simple swirl starts from $2.50.

2D/cut-out fondant design, starts from $3.00.

3D hand-moulded fondant topper, starts from $4.00.

The cake and cupcakes come in a standard white cake box.  For cupcakes, we can offer you individual packaging or window box if required. The price of extra packaging will be charged. Just let us know and we will advise you accordingly.

Our cake is best consume fresh on the day itself.  However, if the situation not permits, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.